Adam Kostrzewa - For the past eight years I have been involved in academic research and industrial consulting in the domain of automotive electronic; in particular, real-time, embedded systems for applications which can be critical to the safety of users. In my spare time I am a data security enthusiast. I find especially interesting hardware aspects of circuit implementation which are often not that transparent and thoroughly tested as software. I hold a dual Master Degree from Warsaw University of Technology and Technical University Berlin where I developed an open-source based, man-in- the-middle attack on the GSM interface.

Topics of interest:

  • hardware design (VHDL, Verilog, systemVerilog)
  • VLSI design (silicon production, chip manufacturing)
  • low-level programming (asm)
  • operating systems (kernel programming,drivers)
  • security in embedded design
  • security in GSM networks

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My master thesis “Development of a man in the middle attack on the GSM Um-Interface” :

Download pdf file